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Notable HGC Engineering Projects
Utilizing Sound Intensity Measurement Techniques

TransCanada Pipelines, Nautural Gas Compressor Stations

Environmental noise surveys of approximately 50 natural gas compressor stations in Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba were conducted. These included gas turbine, internal combustion and electric compressor units. Recommendations were provided for noise control where necessary. HGC Engineering has also completed acceptance testing for new turbo-compressor installations at many of these plants using sound intensity techniques.

Textron Automotive

Designed silencers and enclosures to reduce the noise impact of over 100 rooftop noise sources on an adjacent neighbourhood, including project co-ordination and final audit.

Rolls Royce Energy Systems / Cooper Energy Services

HGC Engineering conducted an acoustic test of two turbocompressor packages at Rolls Royce Energy Systems Plant 4 in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Pressure measurements were performed at specified locations around the turbocompressor skid to eliminate extraneous sources.  Sound intensity and vibration measurements were performed under 'maximum rated power conditions' to determine the sound power radiated from each source, including gas turbines, inlets, exhausts, a two-stage compressor, gearboxes, piping, pinch valves.

Electrohome / Christie Digital Systems Inc

HGC Engineering performed A-weighted sound power measurements of a variety of projector models and prototypes. Measurements were conducted in accordance with ANSI standardS12.12-1992.

Nova Chemicals

Use of sound intensity analysis to identify key noise sources in a complex process piping system, and development of noise control measures to reduce extreme noise levels to allow use of single hearing protection, rather than double.

American Gas Association

Performed site measurements (using sound intensity techniques) and analysis to determine effective configurations of acoustical lagging, and produced a comprehensive research report including generic lagging specifications for the Pipeline Research Committee of the AGA.

ARXX Building Products / AAB Building Systems Inc.

Various product testing projects utilizing sounds intensity measurements, including sound insulation performance testing of Blue Maxx Wall system versus Gypsum Board Stud Walls.

Other SI Projects:

General Motors Forge Shop
Measurement of noise produced by subcomponents of press-forges using sound intensity analysis, and development of recommendations to bring noise exposure within Ministry of Labour guidelines.

Sound intensity measurements used to quantify noise from components of a pellet mill for photocopier toner, and associated piping; removable noise control measures developed for selected process components.

Petro Canada Refinery
Acoustic intensity techniques were utilized to measure the sound power and determine the relative contribution of various sources associated with blowers, fans and burners at this large refinery in Ontario. Noise control was designed to meet Ministry of Labour Guideline.

Honeywell @ Lake Erie Steel
Sound pressure and sound intensity measurements to quantify noise produced by refrigeration compressors, and to develop removable noise control measures to reduce worker noise exposure.

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